Show Services


Cornerstone Audio Visual can provide sound and lighting for just about any size event.  Our experience and ear for worship has been the reason so many of our customers continue to use us year after year.  We offer the latest state of the art speaker array system, digital mixing, and an all LED lighting system.  Our front of house mixing console is a Midas Pro2C.  The mic preamps on these consoles are legendary.  Our sound system is a 3-way point source array system that can be flown or ground stacked.  two 2-way speaker enclosures per side sit atop two front loaded three x 15” sub woofer enclosures.  Eight 120 watt LED moving head fixtures will throw color and shapes all around while eight more LED RGBWA+UV washes provide the color and eight LED WCA washes provide the white light.  We have two 5000 lumen HD projectors that will project your words, images, and video on to two 135” or 180” diagonal front or rear projection screens.  Your band members will have their own wireless in-ear monitor system. 

Every job is quoted individually.  We have a unique way of pricing our services to where they are very affordable, typically 1/2 of what you’d expect to pay from another AV company with comparable equipment and experience.